Sunday, January 22, 2012

Unable to find a 'userdata.img' file for ABI armeabi to copy into the AVD folder.

While using Eclipse for Android development, you can create a new Android Virtual Device by clicking Window -> AVD Manager  and by clicking new button. If you are getting the error message "Unable to find a 'userdata.img' file for ABI armeabi to copy into the AVD folder." when trying to create an AVD for target platform 4.0.3, here is what you should do.

This error is happening because the location of userdata.img file has changed since Android 4 (API Level 14). So we need to reinstall the ARM EABI package. Follow the below steps

Step 1) Open Eclipse and click on Run Configurations (pull down the arrow next to the Run or Debug button).

Step 2) Select "Android Application" and click "New"

Step 3) Select the "Target" tab and select "Automatic" (Click once more even it is selected and the list box below is disabled"

Step 4) Click on the "Manager..." button

Step 5) In all the "Android 4.0.X" sections, select "ARM EABI v7a System Image" checkbox

Step 6) Click the "Install X Package..." button

You should be all set now

Try creating the AVD again, it should work fine

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